1 Page Website

So, you just need a well designed 1 page website but don’t know where to start. At Cyber Circuit we offer the most affordable 1 page website cost in South Africa.

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How much does a 1 page website cost?

Designing a 1 Page website can cost you as little as R499 once off.

We will build you a professional 1 page website that is responsive on mobile and desktop, has a high google page speed score and even optimize it for SEO using your brands keywords. This 1 page website will only cost you R499 to get it fully built, then we will host it on our super-fast servers for only R39 per month. You will also have the option to upgrade it with additional pages at any time.

1 Page Website Examples or (Templates)

We will give you free 1 page website examples that you can edit and build yourself in WordPress when you host with us. Simply sign up for a Cyber Circuit hosting package starting from only R39 per month, and send us a request for a 1 page website example or template and we will send you some free ready made designs that you can customize and use to get your website up and running with a low budget.

1 Page Website Hosting

Do you need to host your 1 page website? Look no further than Cyber Circuit. We provide the best hosting service in South Africa starting from only R39 per month. And in addition to web hosting, we also supply our clients with additional plugins, themes and even templates to ensure your website is running at its best. When hosting with cyber circuit you get 24-hour support, 99.9% uptime guarantee and even SEO optimization.

What is a 1 page website?

A 1-page website is like a big poster. Everything you need to know about a business is on one single page that you can scroll up and down and maybe fill in a contact form.

Imagine you have a big sheet of paper to tell a story or share information about something, like your favourite hobby or a school project. Instead of writing a little bit on lots of pages and making people turn them, you put all the pictures, words, and details on this one big sheet. That way, anyone who wants to know about your topic can just look at this one paper and see everything from top to bottom. A 1-page website works the same way; it puts all the important stuff about a topic, like photos, information, and links, on a single web page that you can scroll through without having to click to go to different pages. It’s simple, easy to use, and keeps everything in one spot!

Everything you get with a Cyber Circuit 1 page website design for R499

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Responsive on All Devices

In today’s mobile-driven world, your website needs to shine across all screens. At Cyber Circuit, we design websites that adapt seamlessly to desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

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Automated Backups

Our automated website backups act as a safety net, ensuring you never lose critical data due to accidental mishaps.

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Contact form Integration

 At Cyber Circuit, our contact form integration ensures seamless communication with your customers on your one-page website.

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Google Page Speed Optimized

 Our Google page speed optimization ensures that your site loads swiftly, enhancing user experience and search engine rankings.

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WhatsApp chat integration

Our WhatsApp chat integration allows visitors to initiate conversations instantly—no need to enter phone numbers.

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Social Media links integration

We will ad social buttons on your website that lead to your social media pages.

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