Online course website design (LMS)

Cyber Circuit specializes in sleek LMS website design, ensuring easy navigation, mobile optimization, and a range of features.

What is LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. It is a software application used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses. Learning Management Systems are widely used in corporate training and in educational institutions to manage online learning content and provide a platform for e-learning. They allow users to create, manage, and deliver online courses.

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Why a E-Learning website Design by Cyber Circuit?

Cyber Circuit integrates cutting-edge features to fulfill all the needs of an E-learning platform. Our seasoned web developers bring extensive expertise in crafting comprehensive LMS websites, comparable to industry leaders like Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera.

Designed to cater to online educational institutions, corporate training programs, and various online courses, our LMS website design ensures efficient management of student data, including grades, reports, contacts, and achievements. A key feature is the automated payment system, which ensures timely fee collection and restricts access for overdue accounts. All these functionalities are seamlessly accessible through a user-friendly teacher’s dashboard.

Our LMS website design features

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Customized Interactive Dashboard for Teachers and Learners

Streamlined Workspace for Teachers & Students. Stay focused and on track with all your learning resources in one place.

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Effortless Organization: Stay on top of everything, easily

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Role-Specific Workspaces: Different dashboards for student and teachers

Course website

Easy to use

Launch any type of online course on any topic with our complete easy-to-use LMS website design.

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Seamless Design

Attract students through a beautifully designed LMS website.

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We offer full-time support and free learning material for creating your Course

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Reports and Analytics

Track the performance and progress of individual students, and more with reports and analytics.

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Track Progress and Performance

Track the Progress and Performance of your Studentswith our reports and analytics feature.

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Income Statistics

Get an overview of your total earnings, current balance, and more.

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Course Builder

Our Course Builder features a drag-and-drop system that helps you to create engaging courses. It combines advanced functionality with user-friendly design, making course creation a breeze.

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You can easily create and customize certificates for your courses.

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Enhance Learners experience with Effortless Assignment Creation Features for Your Courses

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Quiz Builder

Our Quiz Builder empowers you to design custom quizzes with powerful features. These include unique question types, a built-in timer, and other tools that help to craft engaging quizzes

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Course bundles

Sell multiple courses together. Offer a course package for a complete Online Learning experience.

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Responsive Design

We design LMS websites that adapt seamlessly to desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

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Create Forums to provides an interactive platform for learners, instructors, and peers to engage in meaningful discussions

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User Profiles

Our LMS dashboard features user profiles to access courses, assignments, and grades easily.

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Upload Assignments

Upload and Management course assignments.

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Our gamification feature transforms LMS websites by fostering engagement through dynamic leaderboards, badge rewards, and gamified quizzes, creating an enjoyable and impactful learning adventure.

Our innovative gamification feature designed specifically for LMS websites. It goes beyond points, badges, and leaderboards to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Friendly competition on leaderboards fuels engagement, while unlocking badges celebrates progress and motivates learners to conquer new challenges. Gamified quizzes, assignments, and scenarios turn learning into an adventure, making it not just informative, but enjoyable, memorable, and impactful.